Time-gated spectrophotometer


’s luminescence analyte detection methodology, based on ratiometric detection of emissive lanthanide complexes, is expedited with a compact, time-gated spectrophotometer that has been designed to maximises Eu(III)emission detection and minimise size and cost. It has a relatively simple but yet versatile set-up.

It consist of a micro LED excitation source housed in a purpose built opto-amplifier chamber. The chamber is attached to a commercially available variable-focus optical tube. This sample holder is designed to house commercially available cuvettes and with a machined insert, it can utilise various shaped and sized sample containers. The instrument, despite its relatively low cost, possesses excellent spectral width and band-pass adjustment properties. The heart of the spectrometer is the detector which in this case is extremely small device with low dark count and excellent red sensitivity, generating Eu(III) emission spectra of outstanding quality, even at low volume and sensor compound concentration. Due to its special design it can detect emission profiles possessing sufficient signal to noise ratio using 50μL appropriately diluted bio-fluid samples containing emissive probe in μM quantities. As the instrument uses time-gated detection  sequence in order to eliminate undesired autofluorescence originating from the studied biological medium.

This unique feature not only eliminates the rather elaborate use of over-sized signal generators but minimises instrument costs down as well as providing a compact layout and user friendly interface. All components are incorporated into a 15”x15”x8” housing with only the sample holder accessible for the analytical scientist. The controlling mini component PC, which not only provides the control and detection software but also powers the other components of the instrument is also located inside the instrument leaving only the power button the 4x USB 2.0 sockets accessible. The accompanying 'in-house' developed software (sensor specific) bundle itself displays directly the concentration of the measured analyte. The software layout and control panel has been designed keeping minimalism and user friendliness in mind. It allows to vary all usual spectroscopic parameters making it an ideal small and excellent spectroscopical research tool along with the opportunity for multicycle analysis,  in which case an automated average spectrum is displayed and used for target analyte concentration calculation. The control panel/input device of the instrument can be either a mini keyboard/touchpad small size screen (15”) combo or a touch screen interface (optional 15”). The supplied software package also contains several other spectrosacopic software such as an off-line data analysis software to be used for future spectrum retrieval and analysis

This instrument has been tested and use with all of our assays, not only providing excellent quality emission spectra, but also automatically calculating and displaying the concentration of the analyte with a <5 minute total sample analysis time. The instrument has huge potential in every day analytical applications as well as for cutting edge research studies. It has been made at a fraction of the price of any instrument possessing similar sensitivity and specification.

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